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Leaders of teams….you gotta do this with your team

Leaders, here’s an idea to give a try with your teams.  Heck, this would be cool for an entire church to try.  Double heck, it would be cool for Life Groups, Small Groups and just groups of friends to do…..anyway, give it a try.
Each week on our staff, we have either a prayer focus which we all participate in as we pray through the week, or, we will gather together at some point through the week and have corporate prayer together.  These are awesome times to remind us about the most important thing we as a church staff can be doing….praying for the church, for one another and for those who need to hear about Jesus.
This week, our prayer focus has been something that we have tried for the first time, but personally, I’ve found it to be very encouraging and a blessing.  We created a shared google doc and …

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A Leader’s Response To Stress

Well after a great vacation where I left my iphone locked in a safe (literally) and only connected to the internet for a few minutes each evening on my macbook to clear the inbox, it’s kind of good to be back to the routine of everyday life…..kind of!  I could have extended my vacation from it all for another week and been just fine!  What a blessing to have a week with my family, my brother and his family and my Mom and Dad.  It was so nice to be together.  Now, back it though.
On vacation, I felt no stress.  I mean, no stress whatsoever.  Honestly, I am not the kind of person who deals with stress very much anyway.  I don’t know why, but stress just doesn’t get me on a normal basis.  But there are times when in an instant, the pressure can be on to make a …

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I Gave Away My Opportunity To Worship

Recently a gentleman approached me just minutes before one of our worship services began to let me know all that he doesn’t like about our worship services.  It was a real blessing.  As he sat down, the service began and all I could think about for the next half hour was that conversation.  I can handle criticism.  Criticism gives us the chance to evaluate our motives, processes and actions.  It’s a great chance to listen, evaluate, educate the criticizer and then make any changes that we need to make to bring improvement, or continue on with more fervor because we’ve evaluated and are convinced we are moving in the right direction.  Criticism doesn’t bother me.  Honestly, the tone and demeanor of the criticizer does bother me if it’s mean-spirited, devaluing or laden with consumerism and entitlement.

The thing that was so deflating about this reason criticism was that it was just …


Paying attention is vital to our leadership and our followership

I had a great one on one last week with a young leader who is learning to make the transition from that stage of college guy to an adult with a lot of responsibility and people who rely on him.  He’s doing great, but that is a tough transition.  Remember college?  Remember how it seemed like we had a lot of pressure and stress and stuff to do?  Who knew?  Right?  Ya, college was rough.  Go to class a couple of hours a day, take a nap, eat, take a nap, play ball, study, take a nap, eat, stay up late…..very late…, write, eat, sleep for a few hours and start it all over again.  Lots of pressure.
College was awesome, but the transition from college to life after college is a little tougher to get.  You start learning to go to bed on time, get up on time, be where …

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Unnecessary Surprises

As an ISTJ – an introverted thinker who likes structure, I don’t like surprises.  My wife recently asked me about my 40th coming up.  She asked if I’d like to have a big party……uh, no…..thank you very much.  I told her, “If you like me, you’ll spare me that work of having to be all kinds of social with a ton of people on my birthday.  I’m not trying to be mean, but I prefer a few people rather than a roomful who are there for me.  Boo to that.  I also told her not to even think about a surprise party.  It would be the worst birthday ever…..because I hate surprises….especially if they involve a lot of people socially…..centered on me.  Major boo.
As a leader, I realize that surprises are a part of what we do.  There’s always something that pops up unexpectedly that we have to tackle.  These …

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