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Be thankful for the unpredictability of our God. If He were predictable, we wouldn’t need Him. We could be god. Read more:

Recently in one of our team meetings, one of our leaders had us read Judges 7 together and then share how this particular chapter motivated us, challenged us, encouraged us or simply spoke to us.  This is a regular exercise for our meetings and it’s alway….always, very inspiring.  I love that several people can read the same passage of scripture at the same time and take away something different.  As we share those things, we are all inspired, challenged and encouraged by what God has spoken.  That’s one of the things that’s so amazing about our Father.  He is personal to each of us.  He doesn’t give each of us a different playbook to live by, but he gives each of us what we need to hear personally at just the right time.  He is such an unpredictable God and I love it.
Judges 7 is a great example of how …

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When we know the Way and choose not to live accordingly, we can’t whine we choke on our choices. Read more:

I remember taking a required course in college called, “Christian Counseling.”  As a young 20 something, it just didn’t seem relevant. As a young 40 something, I look back now and realize how relevant it was and still is.
Part of being a disciple of Jesus, regardless of whether you call yourself a pastor or not, is giving counsel to others.  It goes with the territory.  As a disciple of Jesus, we have knowledge of how to live with hope, completely free, content, joyful and at peace.  When we have that knowledge, we have a responsibility to share that with others who are living lives in bondage, frustration, in pain, addicted, in conflict and without hope.  Honestly, it’s a blessing to be able to share with someone who has no hope and does not know Jesus – the hope I’ve found in Him.
But also being honest, I’m not a great “counselor” …

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There is so much that happens in the space between the verses of scripture & in my life. How about you?:

I wonder some times what goes on in the space between the verses in scripture.  Like in the book of Esther.  (If you’ve never read it, you should.  It’s an easy read and is full of some pretty cool stuff.)
Esther 6 for example.  What happens in the space between verses 10 and 11?  This guy Haman hates this guy Mordecai and is getting ready to ask the king about impaling Mordecai on a stick…a human kabob.  The king asks Haman how he would honor someone who pleases the king.  Haman thinks the king is talking about Haman so he gives him an elaborate plan of public honor.  The king is talking about Mordecai…who Haman hates.  So the king takes Haman’s plan and tells Haman to go honor Mordecai in this way.  Ouch.
So in verse 10, the king tells Haman to go give Mordecai the king’s treatment of public honor.  In …

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Reflecting on incredible preachers in my life. What I’ve seen & heard & not seen & heard. Check it out:

I have had the opportunity over the last 25 years of my life to sit under some flat out incredible preachers.  Seriously, some of the top in the world.  Not just in their time either, but maybe of all time.  These men handle the Word exceptionally well and they communicate it in a way which makes it relevant and applicable.
For a few years while in high school and into college, I was blessed to sit under the teaching of Bob Russell.  Bob is a flat out amazing teacher.  He was the first “preacher” I ever encountered who taught in a way that was instructive and relevant with tremendously rich insight and wisdom.
Then I was blessed to sit under Wayne Smith.  Wayne introduced humor into the pulpit like I’d never known.  His enormous heart and flare for humor came through when he preached and it engaged men into the message of …

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An Alabama wilderness and how we handle it. Learn more:

Ever taken a trip into the woods?  Where I grew up in Alabama, we had some thick woods around us with some mighty tall pine trees.  These woods were safe, but if I ventured in far enough, I felt like I was out in the middle of nowhere – away from civilization.  (If you are reading this and you’re not from Bama, you may be thinking…”Alabama IS in the middle of nowhere, away from civilization!)  Boo to you if that is the case!!
Anyway, venturing into the woods or wilderness can be scary.  It can be isolating and create loneliness.  Sometimes we hit a wilderness in life where we are alone.  God seems silent, temptations are great and we feel all alone.  What do we do with that?  How do we walk out life in the midst of a wilderness?
Jesus was led into the wilderness in Luke 4 by the Spirit …

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